I am an ethnomusicologist, writer, editor, baseball fan, and beer enthusiast based in Portland, Oregon.

I have a PhD in ethnomusicology (the anthropology of music) from the University of Chicago. In my work as an ethnomusicologist, I have conducted ethnographic research in the classical music recording industry of the United Kingdom: observing recording sessions; interviewing producers, engineers, musicians, and administrators; and learning about the broader economic and social forces that shape the possibilities for making and selling records.

In addition to my research, I love to work with other writers to help them develop their ideas and put forward their best selves in their writing. I’ve helped writers at all levels of experience and in a variety of subject areas—undergraduate to professional, humanities to medicine. Editing—supporting writers at various stages in their writing process—is a task in which I find great joy.

I’m passionate about music, baseball, and craft beer, so I’m fortunate to live in a city where two of those exist in great abundance! Please take a moment to check out my blog, where I write about things that I think are important and interesting. I am also in the process of creating a platform where I can share some of my music industry research; that should appear very soon. Thanks for taking a moment to look at my website, and I hope that we can connect in real life sometime soon!